Moms and Media · May 7, 2020

Moms and Media 2020

By Edison Research

Moms and Media 2020 reveals an unwavering commitment by U.S. moms to devices and technology, highlighted by a dependence on the internet amidst a new, COVID-19 world.

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The latest installment of the annual report combines data from The Infinite Dial® series from Edison Research and Triton Digital, with a recent survey conducted during COVID-19 restrictions. The report highlights how Moms in the United States continue to hold tight to their tech tools, with functionality being the biggest driver. While sheltering at home, now more than ever, moms are relying on their technology and media to get through the day.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets keep up with busy moms and smart speakers continue to hold their place at home. In 2020, 33% of moms own some kind of smart speaker and moms who own one, own multiple.

As shown by their interest in smart speakers, multi-tasking moms love help when it comes hands-free. Voice assisted technology is gaining popularity and finding its way into all sorts of devices and moms are taking advantage. Two-thirds of U.S. moms use some form of voice-operated personal assistant.

While being isolated at home, moms are using just about all of their devices more. Working remotely, helping children with distance learning and keeping in touch with friends and family are just a few of the reasons why moms are leaning even more heavily on their devices.

Moms are not the only ones who are increasing their use of devices and technology. With schools closed, children are distance learning at home using new digital platforms in their virtual classrooms. Now a necessary part of their daily routine, technology allows children to connect online with coaches and teammates until they can return to the field.

It is unclear what the future holds, so for now the day-to-day habits continue as they are. When life resembles the old normal again, moms will adapt once more. However, while it is unknown how long this new normal will last, nearly 4 in 10 moms think their current media habits will stay with them even after it is over.


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