Moms and Media · June 11, 2012

Moms and Facebook: If You Post It, They Will Come

By mdecesare

Moms communicate…a lot.

They talk, they text, they post and most importantly they share.   Marketers and advertisers bank on this to get their message or product out to the masses and when it’s done well, it works.   How do they do it well?  They create an experience that encourages interaction and leaves an impression so that the user wants to share it.

Radio stations can and should use this strategy to get more Moms to follow them on Facebook.  There is a continuing trend of Moms following brands or companies on Facebook, with 41% currently doing so according to the 2012 Moms and Media report from Edison and Arbitron.  However only 18% of those Moms follow any radio station on Facebook.  Radio should not miss this opportunity.

When Moms post, all their friends see it, which translates into more attention to your station not only from partisans and cumers, but also from non-cumers who may just have to tune in to see what all that chatter is about.   On average, Facebook Moms have 255 friends, and a whopping 76% have 100 friends or more. That’s a lot of chatter.

Moms are on Facebook, this we know.  According to our 2012 data, 72% of Moms have a profile page on Facebook and of those, 47% are using the site several times per day, so there are multiple opportunities for Moms to make a stop at your Facebook page.

Since they are already in the neighborhood, give them a reason to come to your page.  Taking comments from on-air discussions through your page is fine but don’t be afraid to put up some video of what was happening in the studio that morning, a touching tribute or a funny clip from a celebrity guest.  These are things that will get a laugh or a tear, but either way they are more likely to live beyond the moment and be passed around.   When you do post out of the box content, talk it up on the air to encourage more views and feedback; ask listeners to post their own similar stories or videos in response.  The idea is to make it a two way exchange of information that will stay with the audience.

Moms continue to be of interest for their marketing pull and radio already has the formula to reach them.  Radio has always been about emotion, interaction and personality and these traits are exactly what make for a great social media experience.

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