Media Habits of Moms in 2013

It is that time of year when mom is on our mind–not just because of Mother’s Day, but also for the release of our annual Moms and Media report. Moms and Media 2013,  taken from the Edison Research and Arbitron Infinite Dial series, will showcase brand new data about how moms are consuming various media simultaneously, and how they are increasingly reliant on their smartphones.   In addition to those new data points, the report will also highlight the changes and trends we starting tracking last year on how moms use social networking, mobile devices and how much time moms spend with all forms of media.

Even before the release of this year’s report, there are some points we already know about moms from our previous research.  For instance, we know moms are partial to smartphones.  According to our Moms and Media 2012 report, 61% of moms owned a smartphone last year.   We also know that Internet is essential to the daily life of modern moms, and that in 2012 they spent more than 2.5 hours per day online.  Last year’s study showed that social media usage drove much of that online time, with 46% of social media moms saying they access those sites several times per day.   Also in that 2012 data, we observed a heavy Facebook presence for moms, with 72% having a profile page on the site.

So, to recap the 2012 data:  moms are connected, mobile and social.  This makes them a driving force in advertising and marketing; and thus, a highly sought after target whose opinions matter… a lot. Since moms are so important (and it is their honorary month) we will once again put their habits in the spotlight with a live webinar to show key technology trends, media consumption, and other important mobile and social behaviors that moms in 2013 share.

Please join me on Tuesday, May 14th at 2:00 pm EST when I present Moms and Media 2013.  Register today to find out how moms are using mobile devices, social networking and traditional media so that you can better reach this key demographic.

Click here to register for the Moms and Media 2013 Webinar.


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