Company News · December 23, 2019

Marketplace – Edison Research Poll 2019

By edison

American Public Media’s Marketplace® has partnered with Edison Research to conduct an ongoing research series around Americans’ economic anxiety. The principal focus of this study is to develop the Economic Anxiety Index and track it over time. Click here for more on Marketplace® and Edison Research Poll Anxiety Index.

Below are 2019 Articles from Marketplace featuring original research from the Marketplace – Edison Research Poll:

How debt may take a toll on mental health

Men and women ask for pay raises at the same rate — but men get them more often

Younger workers more likely to talk pay with colleagues

How did you ask for a raise?

Yelling at work persists despite awareness of ill effects

A four-day workweek, good benefits, and a sense of pride: what American workers want from employers

What if we shortened the workweek?

Calculate your own Economic Anxiety Index here

And from Marketplace Tech®,  Edison Research President Larry Rosin talks with correspondant Kimberly Adams about findings that indicate the first decline in Facebook usage among Americans: Numbers showing people leaving Facebook by the millions

About Edison Research
Edison Research conducts survey research and provides strategic information in over 50 countries for clients including AMC Theatres, AMC Theatres, Amazon, Apple, The Brookings Institute, Facebook, The Gates Foundation, Google, the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau, Oracle, Pandora, The Pew Research Center, Samsung, Spotify, and SiriusXM Radio. The national tracking study The Infinite Dial® and the syndicated Share of Ear® are two of the most widely cited studies in the audio space. Edison is also the leading podcast research company in the world and has conducted research for NPR, Slate, ESPN, PodcastOne, WNYC Studios, and many more companies in the podcasting space.  Edison’s network of more than 20,000 experienced interviewers allows the company to conduct research in almost any location. Since 2004, Edison Research has been the sole provider of Election Day data to the National Election Pool. For the 2020 U.S. elections, Edison will provide exit polls and will tabulate the national vote across every county in the United States for ABC News, CBS News, CNN, and NBC News.

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