Weekly Insights · October 11, 2023

Latino Listeners Supporting Podcasts 

By Edison Research

Last week, we presented The Latino Podcast Listener Report 2023 thanks to the generous sponsorship of LWC Studios, Latina to Latina podcast, Libsyn, Latino Media Network, and SXM Media. (You can watch the whole presentation online and download all of the valuable data slides by clicking here.) In this week’s insight, we ask our readers to be the listeners and hear from Latino podcast listeners themselves.

It’s no secret that podcasters want listeners to support their shows. So take two minutes and listen to the Latino podcast listeners in the video below as they tell you WHY they chose to give money or support a podcast in some way.

Vanessa talks about wanting to help people and make a difference. Magdalene recognizes that the podcasters have a bigger platform than she does, so she contributes because they can speak on certain issues on her behalf. Jan feels like it’s worth it to keep certain shows on the air. Fatima appreciates that her favorite show from Mexico was visiting her town in the U.S.

Hope donated, received merch, and got access to completely unfiltered, unedited episodes of her favorite podcast. “When they started having the Zoom sessions – with them – that’s what kind of sold me on it.” Hope speaks of being able to connect as much as possible, “It was like a private party.”

Listeners connect with podcasts in different ways, and podcast fans will step up with monetary support if they are motivated to do so.

The graphic below shows various ways Latino weekly podcast listeners have chosen to interact with podcasts.

Watch the entire replay of The Latino Podcast Listener Report for more ideas and information on how creators can monetize their shows.

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