Consumer Surveys · April 2, 2019

Internet-Delivered Audio Listening Rises 59% in Four Years

By edison

An update from Share of Ear® by Edison Research

Internet-delivered audio, defined as listening to audio ‘pureplays’ such as Pandora or Spotify, listening to the streams of radio stations and streams of SiriusXM, podcasts, or music from YouTube, has dramatically increased its share of the audio pie since the debut of the Share of Ear® project in 2014.

As of the end of 2018, the share of listening going to these platforms of audio has risen from 22% to 35%.

“While the more established modes of audio delivery, such as broadcasting and listening to owned music, remain strong, with each update we show more audio is delivered through the internet. These trends are especially pronounced among young people,” said Edison Research Director Laura Ivey.

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How the Share of Ear® study was conducted Q4 2014 and Q4 2018:
Edison Research conducted a national study of Americans ages 13+ to measure their time spent listening to audio sources.  Respondents completed a 24-hour diary of their audio listening on an assigned day.  Diaries were completed both online and by-mail using a paper diary.  Diaries were completed in both English and Spanish.

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