Moms and Media · October 12, 2016

Hope and Happiness for the Future

By Edison Research

At the moment you find out you are to become a mother, your entire world changes.  In that instant, you realize that there is something much greater than yourself and you start to factor your child into every decision you make.  In the very beginning, moms research the best bottles, the safest car seats and the appropriate amount of tummy time.  As children get older, we guide them through schooling, friendships and self-discovery. We do all of this, and more, with the hope that we will give our children the foundation for a good life and a bright future.

A happy life, fair opportunity and education are part of that foundation and are some of the themes that emerged from a new study “Moms on the Future,” from The Research Moms at Edison Research.   The results show an overall positive outlook that moms have for the future world their children will live in.  In the study moms reported that what they hope for most for their children’s future is happiness.  The findings are evidence that moms continue to have hope that the future will be good and full of promise for our children, even during such turbulent times.

Join The Research Moms from Edison Research when they reveal “Moms on the Future” on October 13th at 2:00pm EST in a live webinar. This recent study puts the spotlight on all new data about the hopes and fears of the future, the outlook for children as adults, the relevance of a college education and even financial planning for what lies ahead.

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About the Research Moms

The Research Moms are Edison Research’s team of experienced researchers who also happen to be moms.  Combining a solid platform of market research with real life insight, they are a unique resource for analyzing habits, behaviors and trends among moms.

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