Weekly Insights · November 1, 2023

Growth of Listening on Internet-Connected TVs

By Edison Research

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The Smart TV as an Audio Device  

Remember when televisions morphed from being squares into being rectangles as a result of HDTV? We are in the middle of another such transformation as more televisions become “smart” through native design or through the addition of smart devices. Smart TVs and TV devices (such as Rokus or gaming consoles) simply allow for Internet connectivity, and where there is Internet connectivity, there is audio to be consumed. 

Smart TVs and TV devices offer many paths for listeners to find audio. Listeners can stream music or spoken word content through apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, or Audible. They can activate their favorite voice enabled assistant such as Amazon Echo or Google Home through their smart TVs and listen to a podcast, music, or other audio content. They can put YouTube on and listen to the music whether they watch the videos or not. They can listen to their favorite AM/FM stations through the stations’ website or any number of streaming apps such as iHeart, Audacy, or TuneIn. They can pair their mobile phone with their smart TV and listen to the audio of their choice.  
The increased availability of audio through internet-connected TVs is evident in the increase in total daily audio time spent with the device, shown in the graphic below.  

In 2016, Americans age 13+ spent 2% of their total audio time listening on Internet-connected TVs or Internet-connected TV devices. The latest data from Edison Research’s Share of Ear shows that 6.9% of daily audio time among those 13+ in the U.S. is spent listening on an Internet-connected TV or TV device. The rate of increase has taken off in the past few years, almost doubling since 2020. With these audio devices being centrally located in many homes, and with people spending more time at home in the last several years, it will not be surprising if these numbers continue to rise.  

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