The Podcast Consumer 2024

Virtual · Thursday, May 16, 2:00pm – Thursday, May 16, 2:45pm

Edison Research today announces that The Podcast Consumer 2024 will be presented in a webinar on Thursday, May 16 at 2 PM EDT.

This webinar delves into the rapidly evolving world of podcast listening from the world’s leading podcast research company. Edison Research Vice President Megan Lazovick will explore how podcasts have become a mainstream media platform, attracting an ever-growing and highly engaged audience.

Edison Research’s report demonstrates the effectiveness of podcasts as a vital advertising medium, uniquely positioned to reach key demographics including young, affluent, and educated listeners. We will examine detailed listener profiles, engagement metrics, and trends that underscore the targeted appeal and growing influence of podcasts.

The webinar will equip attendees with compelling data and strategies to present to potential advertisers, showcasing the high receptivity of podcast audiences to their demographic diversity, ads, and their robust engagement with content.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to harness these insights, enhance content value, and secure stronger advertising partnerships through the strategic use of Edison Research’s invaluable benchmarking data.