Audio in Evolution from Edison Research and Amazon Ads

Virtual · Thursday, November 02, 12:00am – Tuesday, October 31, 2:30pm

Audio in Evolution: Five megatrends from a decade of streaming audio research, a new study from Edison Research and Amazon Ads, will debut in a webinar on Thursday, November 2 at 2 p.m. ET.

Streaming audio gained prominence in the 2010s as a way for listeners to easily buy, listen to, and share audio content digitally at scale for the first time. This change sparked the beginning of an audio evolution. Since then, we have seen an explosion in new listeners adopting the content format, the birth of new streaming audio technologies, and an increased diversity of streaming audio content.

Audio in Evolution uncovers the top five trends driving audio growth and reveals key factors driving these megatrends. Findings include opportunities these trends can bring to brands who want to reach and engage with consumers through audio advertising.

The report includes results from a meta-analysis of data from the past ten years using two widely-known industry studies, Edison Research’s Share of Ear ® and Infinite Dial ©. The report also includes findings from a recent, never-before-seen research study of audio consumption. This study includes a survey of 1,058 U.S. adults age 18+ that offers insight into how these historical trends are likely to continue in the future, and in-depth interviews with 30 U.S. adults, who agreed to share how their audio habits had changed over the years.

A webinar recording will be available at the presentation’s conclusion.