Edison Announces New Inceptive Market Research Initiative

At Edison Research, we pride ourselves in not only providing the highest quality market research to the most rigorous standards possible, but also in perpetuating a tradition of ceaseless innovation with new products, methods and practices. If there is one clarion call we hear most from our clients, it is this: “Make it actionable.” Well, like any good research company, we listened. We put our heads together for nearly a year to develop a consumer research methodology that would not only provide insight, but insights that were actionable immediately, and not just by our clients!

We are proud today to introduce our latest venture, Survey + Qualitative Research Inceptive Labs (SQUIRL). We’ve discovered that although our predictive techniques were extremely effective, our clients are seeking even more assurance that their marketing initiatives would pay off, and deeper insights into the triggers that motivate consumers to action. The SQUIRL process eliminates the need to model or predict behavior, and replaces it – at last – with what we in the research business have long viewed as the “holy grail” of consumer research: a methodology that doesn’t just predict behavior, it compels it.

With the SQUIRL process, we’ve done away with cumbersome questionnaires, social media dredging and the group dynamics of focus groups. Instead, we’ve flipped the funnel on the process. Rather then ask respondents to react to various advertising and product treatments in an effort to discern what choices might motivate them to purchase, in the SQUIRL labs the client is #1. When you work with Edison, you tell us which product, service or advertising treatment you think works best. We then work with groups of respondents in the SQUIRL labs to implant “the truth,” and eliminate the speculation. Why commission expensive and complicated conjoint analysis projects to set pricing, for example, when we can work with respondents directly to set your price, and they will pay it. Why Rely On Chance? (SM)

The methodology is actually quite simple. Respondents are recruited using a proprietary online panel comprising “typical” American consumers. Upon initial qualification, respondents are invited to the SQUIRL labs, and asked to peruse a series of periodicals in our waiting room. While they are thus engaged, our scientists, using advanced Blo-Dart technology, introduce a powerful compound of bull testes, unicorn blood and Tang into their bloodstream. The respondents are hooked up to no fewer than 1,000 electrodes, exposed to a variety of light and sound stimuli and psychotropic drugs, and then finally to your research brief. Trust us: if you want 99% of the sample to think Flooz is a good idea, it will be a good idea.

At the end of the process, the respondents receive a “kick” and wake up in a bathtub. Deliverables include an executive summary, edited videos, PowerPoint graphs and the actual result you intended to “predict.” Why wade through cumbersome statistics, when you can just count your sales?

The Survey + Qualitative Inceptive Research Labs, from Edison. Robust, scalable, 24/7 enabled technology for the ultimate synergy between marketing, sales, and operations. And That’s…How You Know (R).

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  1. Melissa Case
    Melissa Case says:

    I recently spoke with an associate of yours — a Mr. Flockhart, I believe? Who assured me that I could get Flooz in my SQUIRL. Can you confirm whether or not that’s possible?


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