Edison Research Conducts Exit Polling in the Republic of Georgia for Imedi and Rustavi 2

Edison Research of Somerville, New Jersey, USA, the leading firm in conducting exit polls in America and throughout the world, will be conducting an exit poll of the October 1, 2012 Parliamentary elections in the Republic of Georgia, on behalf of television networks Imedi and Rustavi 2.

Edison has been conducting exit polls since 1996 and its principals have been involved in exit polls since 1988. Since 2003, Edison has been the sole provider of exit polls in the USA to the National Election Pool consisting of ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NBC and the Associated Press. In addition, Edison has conducted or consulted for exit polls in Russia, Mexico, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and Azerbaijan.

In 2010, Edison successfully performed an exit poll of the Tbilisi Mayor’s race. This exit poll correctly projected the order of finish in the five-candidate race, and the average error on the estimate for each candidate was less than two percentage points.

For this year’s Parliamentary election, Edison will be stationing trained interviewers at 75 polling locations throughout Georgia. The polling locations were chosen from a random, stratified probability sample of all of the polling locations throughout the country. The interviewers will conduct surveys with a random sample of those leaving each polling place, and they will call their results into Edison’s data center at several points throughout the day. The full survey is anticipated to include approximately 7,500 surveys, although the exact number will depend on voter turnout and cooperation.

The data will then be entered into Edison’s highly refined election software system, where complex computational models will assist Edison’s team in projecting the outcome of the race. Edison will make all results available to the public.

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