U.S. Election Research · January 18, 2024

Edison Research Conducts Entrance Polls at the 2024 Iowa Caucuses

By Edison Research

On Monday, February 15, Edison Research successfully conducted entrance polling for the Iowa Caucuses on behalf of the National Election Pool (NEP). Edison interviewed 1,628 Iowa Republicans.

The Edison Research entrance polls provided valuable context to the nation’s first political contest of the 2024 election cycle. Our network clients relied upon the information obtained from these entrance polls to provide valuable content and insight throughout the entire evening of the Iowa Caucuses.

Edison Research’s entrance polls were used to determine key information from voters, including demographic data, important issues and the “electability” of the various candidates. Edison’s election team captured, processed and analyzed thousands of data points within the short duration of the caucuses and enabled our member clients and subscribers real-time access to in-depth analysis of the Iowa results.

Full coverage of our entrance polls can be found here:

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