Podcast Research · June 28, 2021

Edison Announces Listener Survey Template For Podcasters

By Edison Research

We are pleased to announce the release of the Edison Research Podcast Listener Survey, a free, “do it yourself” template for podcasters to use to conduct their own audience research. Anyone can download and adapt this template for their own usage—no registration or email is required.

Most individual podcasters strive to learn more about their listeners, but not every podcaster is in a position to hire a research company.  Edison Research has been investing in podcasting and individual podcasters for over fifteen years, and this survey template allows anyone who wants to solicit listener feedback to accomplish that goal.

For those seeking third party validation for sponsorship purposes or anyone else who wants to outsource their survey, Edison Research is offering a paid, managed option, but the free DIY version is available now for anyone to use as they see fit without obligation. The template for the Edison Research Podcast Listener Survey, along  with more information, is available here.

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