Weekly Insights 9.28.22 You can hear it on a television…

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You can hear it on a television… 

Anyone who has tried to put together a presentation about audio has encountered the problem of finding stock images that accurately reflect certain audio behavior. For example, search “listening” and you will see people listening to one another; try “listening to music” and you will see smiling people in headphones, some of whom choose to dance; “listening to the radio” fetches images of boom boxes and car consoles, and “listening to podcasts” usually has a combination of mobile phone or tablet and headphones.  

What’s missing? There’s another way Americans are choosing to consume audio that is rarely mentioned when we talk about audio consumption — televisions. 

Televisions tend to be the center of many homes in America, and in many ways modern televisions have evolved in function almost as much as mobile phones. From their days of carrying a few broadcast channels to their current spot as a hub of entertainment, the importance of TV in the audio landscape needs to be recognized.

Traditional TVs as an audio source provide pure music channels such as Music Choice or other cable music stations (not including MTV or VH1). Internet-connected TVs, or ‘Smart TVs’, allow users to access any number of audio apps to listen to streaming services, books, radio stations, or podcasts. Edison Research’s Share of Ear data measures share of time spent listening through both types of televisions. 

The graph below shows that Americans 13+ spend 9% of their total audio time listening through a television. Americans 13-34 spend the most time with audio through a television (11%), with 7 percentage points being on an internet-connected TV. Not an insignificant number. 

Americans 55+ spend 7% of their audio time listening through a (mostly traditional) television. We know from our qualitative research that young people report listening to podcasts on their televisions as they do chores around the house, and listening to playlists when they gather with friends.

Televisions are often in the middle of the home and can mean opportunities for co-listening, or listening without earbuds or headphones. TVs can also offer increased audio quality with soundbars and surround-sound systems, not to mention they can display art, ambient images, family photos, or even solid colors that match painted walls. They can be controlled by our voice-operated assistants. They have come a long way since those few broadcast channels.  

As audio providers seek to understand listeners, it’s important to remember how televisions have adapted and now sit at the literal center of our homes, poised to be a continued source of audio consumption.

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Weekly Insights 9.21.22 Are we talking to ourselves?

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Are we talking to ourselves? 

With the 2022 midterm elections approaching, one can assume clever political campaigns will be putting the power of podcasting, combined with the ability to geo-target ads based on the IP address of the listener, to use for persuasion and to motivate voting. 

Edison Research’s combined tools, The Infinite Dial, Share of Ear, and Edison Podcast Metrics, provide deep data to help campaigns target and to help ad sales teams make their case. 

The 2022 Infinite Dial survey, sponsored by Wondery and ART19, shows that as of today, those who identify with the Democratic Party are more likely to listen to podcasts on a monthly basis than those who align with the Republican Party.  Forty-one percent of Americans age 18+ who identify as Democrat have listened to a podcast in the last month — 36% of those who identify as Republican have listened to a podcast in the last month. 

On top of which, when it comes to podcasts about politics, Edison Podcast Metrics shows wildly different listening patterns depending on which party one prefers. 

The graphic below shows the ranks among all podcasts for ‘political’ shows or shows that regularly touch on political topics among Republicans and Democrats. Note that there are eight podcasts in the top 20 for Republicans that are political or deal with political topics.  

Now note that on the other side of the table are the political shows (again, or shows that regularly touch on politics) that rank in the top 20 podcasts among Democrats: #1 The Joe Rogan Experience, #2 The Daily (New York Times), and #8 Pod Save America. 

That’s it – only three such shows.  Show #23 among Democrats is Rachel Maddow.  At the top of their listening list, Democrats are consuming far fewer political titles as compared to Republicans and far more comedy and true crime.  Listening to the conservative shows listed above (Shapiro, Bongino, etc.) is, not surprisingly, much smaller among Democrats. 

Meanwhile, we can also look at the data another way – which shows are the most purely Republican or Democratic.   

Among the larger shows, the show that has the highest portion of its audience that is Republican is The Michael Knowles Show from The Daily Wire.  The show that is the most Democratic in composition?  Perhaps not too surprisingly, Lovett or Leave It from Crooked Media. 


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Weekly Insights 9.14.22: Top Podcast Networks, plus Infinite Dial® Expansion 

Top Podcast Networks in the U.S. 

This week Edison Research publicly announced the ranking of the biggest podcasting networks through the second quarter of 2022, based on Edison Podcast Metrics survey of over 8,000 weekly podcast listeners age 18 and older. 

There is a change at the top, as Spotify edged past SXM Media for first place by a tiny margin.  Barring significant additions or losses to their lineups, or the emergence of a sizeable new show, these two are likely to remain neck-and-neck for a while. 

Checking in third is iHeartRadio.  The biggest gainer in rank is Audioboom, moving up two slots to fourth place. 

When we release our next quarterly report, we will start to see the impact of two big changes – a dramatic increase in sample size (from 2,000 interviews per quarter to 5,000 interviews per quarter), and the addition of teenagers to the sample. 

 Infinite Dial Lands in New Zealand 

We are also excited to announce that thanks to major sponsor The Radio Bureau with sponsors MediaWorks and NZME, The Infinite Dial New Zealand will debut in Q4 2022. Edison Research President Larry Rosin will be on hand to present findings gleaned from surveys of over 1,300 New Zealanders age 16+. The Infinite Dial has been published in six countries around the world and explores the consumption of streaming radio, online music and podcasts, as well as the usage of smart speakers and more. 



The Infinite Dial New Zealand 2022 set to debut in Q4

Media Advisory

Somerville, NJ September 14, 2022 – Edison Research is proud to announce the debut of The Infinite Dial 2022 New Zealand. The Infinite Dial is the leading study of digital audio and media consumption from Edison Research which originated in the U.S. and has now been published in six countries around the world.

The New Zealand version of this study is presented by major sponsor The Radio Bureau with sponsors MediaWorks and NZME, and will be presented in mid-November by Edison Research President Larry Rosin. 

The Infinite Dial began in 1998 and provides broadcasters, online audio publishers, podcasters, advertisers, and the financial community with insightful data around consumption of streaming radio, online music and podcasts, as well as the usage of smart speakers and more. Over 1,300 New Zealanders age 16 and older were surveyed for the study. 

Additional details about The Infinite Dial New Zealand are forthcoming.  


For more information:
Nicole Beniamini
Vice President
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U.S. Top Podcast Networks, By Reach Q2 2022

Spotify Edges Past SXM Media as Top Podcast Network in the U.S. based on Reach

Edison Research announces the Top Podcast Networks in the U.S. for Q2 2022, and Spotify, SXM Media, and iHeartRadio take the top three spots, respectively. Spotify’s weekly reach outstripped the leader from the Q1 estimate, SXM Media, by a tiny margin. The list ranks the most listened-to podcast networks based on total audience reach from Edison Podcast Metrics.   

The Top 10 Podcast Networks for Q2 2022:  

  1. Spotify
  2. SXM Media
  3. iHeartRadio
  4. Audioboom
  5. NPR
  6. The New York Times
  7. Audacy
  8. Wondery
  9. Cumulus Podcast Network
  10. PRX

This ranker measures reach as a percentage of the weekly podcasting audience. Rankings are compiled by measuring the total unduplicated reach of all the shows represented by a given network. Listening is credited to the producer and/or the network that represents the advertising for the show, not the platform or app that the listener uses to access the podcast. 

Edison Podcast Metrics is the only podcast measurement service that measures the relative audience size and demographics of all podcast networks in the U.S. The network ranker is derived from data collected continuously Q3 2021 – Q2 2022, from surveying weekly podcast consumers ages 18 and older in the U.S. Participants indicate which podcasts they listened to in the past week along with a variety of demographic, psychographic, and purchase behavior information. Surveys of 8,000 podcast listeners in the U.S. were conducted Q3 2021 through Q 2 2022. The complete list of the Top 30 Podcast Networks is below.

Current subscribers to Edison Podcast Metrics include most of the top networks in podcasting as well as leading technology platforms.   

For information about Edison Podcast Metrics contact Edison Research SVP Melissa Kiesche at mkiesche@edisonresearch.com