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The Songs Country Listeners Love, And Can’t Hear

Edison Research’s ethnographic study, “Country Radio’s Heartbeat: The Lives Of Your Listeners,” took Edison’s Megan Lazovick and Steve Lemma into the daily routines of nearly 20 Country radio P1s nationwide. From those visits and interviews, they observed that: • Country music had a personal relationship — a friendship — with its listeners. Yet, Country radio […]

“My Two Songs”: When Listeners Agree To Disagree

Here’s an observation that began in an unusual way–with a Washington Post article about likely candidates for the 2014 mayoral election. One entrant, who has already established an exploratory committee, is the city councilman for my old neighborhood. So I followed the links on Tommy Wells and ended up at a Post article from 2011–giving […]

First Listen: Atlanta’s “The Walk”

Last week, Myrtle Beach, S.C., got a new Country/Southern Rock hybrid, WJXY (Outlaw 93.9), on a frequency that had already attempted the format in the mid-‘90s. The ongoing attempts at finally merging the two styles sent us back to a 2006 article on “The Formats That Make Too Much Sense to Work (Until Now?)” And the industry […]

First Listen – NASH FM

There was never all that much mystery about whether Cumulus would take its newly acquired WFME New York to Country. Cumulus clearly likes the format, which is enjoying its biggest boom in twenty years. Success stories in Boston and Philadelphia have proven Country’s mettle in the northeast. The only other realistic choice would have been […]

Radio’s Bad Ideas That Won’t Die

“Why Don’t Bad Ideas Ever Die?” That was a question posed recently by Washington Post financial columnist Barry Ritholtz. “This time of year is filled with retrospectives and ‘best of’ lists,” Ritholtz wrote. He opted instead to take on “zombie ideas: the memes, theories and policies that refuse to die, despite their obvious failings.” Ritholtz’s […]