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First Listen: Seattle’s Hot 103.7

A few years ago, it seemed almost foolhardy to suggest that there might be a hole for a ‘90s/early ‘00s-based rhythmic pop station, even in the most rhythmic-leaning markets. KQMV (Movin’ 92.5) Seattle, the most prominent of that format’s mid-‘00s launches, had initial success, but eventually made a successful transition to Mainstream Top 40. Markets […]

How To Be Live & Local

When the NAB/RAB Radio Show began last week, the panel on creating your own individual brand as a personality was asked what might have seemed like a softball question: “What is radio’s brand?” But on Wednesday, that question generated several seconds of silence and no immediate answer. ABC’s Ann Compton circled back a question later […]

First Listen: Jack FM2

What if Jack FM were no longer “playing what we want” but “playing what you want?” If it were no longer built around pop/rock from the late ‘70s and ‘80s? If it were targeted to women under 30, instead of a roughly even gender mix for listeners in their mid-40s? If it played One Direction […]

Station Tweets: Prolific, But Not So Engaged

With so much emphasis in recent years on tweeting as a low-cost marketing strategy, how are stations engaging with their Twitter followers? Mostly, stations are trying to drive followers to the station Website. Beyond that, their objectives are far more diffuse, and not even as directly marketing-focused as one might think. The 2013 Edison Research/Arbitron […]