Welcome to the New Edison Media Research Website!

If you have been here before, you’ll notice a few changes! We have been working hard for the past few weeks to make the Edison site even better, and we hope our new layout will help you navigate the site and find what you need even faster than before.
We have a lot of great research to talk about (and more exciting studies to announce soon!) and you will always have free access to the most current and comprehensive media research data available. For the past twelve years, Edison has made dozens of studies publicly available, including the most widely quoted series of studies on media usage and technology in the world, the Arbitron/Edison Internet and Multimedia series. Our fourteen studies in this series, including our most recent look at the On-Demand Media Consumer represent the richest mine of trackable data of audio entertainment, and we have a lot more to come as this year unfolds.
But wait! There is more…

We are also excited to announce two new blogs. The first of these is called The Infinite Dial, and our intent is to showcase the best writing–both inside and outside of Edison–about the future of audio entertainment. We think it is a bright one, and our intent is to highlight some of the most innovative new platforms and content ideas and provide informed analysis to help you navigate the waters. All of the smart folks here at Edison will be contributing, but we want you to contribute as well. We will be hosting a steady stream of guest blog postings from some of the brightest lights in broadcast radio as well as new voices from today’s leading technology innovators. We hope you like the results, and welcome your feedback.
Also, it is an election year, and that means Edison will be back providing the 2006 National Election Exit Poll for the major television networks, the Associated Press, and print journalists all over the world. As we gear up for this Fall’s election–and beyond that, the 2008 presidential election–we wanted to provide an outlet for our election gurus to analyze politics in a slightly different way than many of the popular political blogs. Our humble effort, Politics by the Numbers, will be a look at polling, election data, and all of the quirky (yet fascinating) tidbits of political data from elections past. Needless to say, we will also provide some insight into the world of Exit Polling, which is truly an arcane science.
Of course, we are still proud to publish Ross on Radio each week, and Sean Ross has some great columns planned for this summer and beyond. You can be sure that when the formatic winds of change are blowing, you will be the first to know through Sean’s always engaging analysis and unique historical perspective. Recent headlines from RoR (as well as recent headlines from our other two blogs) can always be accessed in the left sidebar of this site. We also provide RSS Feeds for all of our articles, should you wish to subscribe to any or all of our content and peruse it in the feed reader of your choice.
Remember that you can always use the search box at the bottom of the page–all of our past great content is indexed and available. Questions? Contact us!. We’re glad to help.

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