The Azerbaijan Parliamentary Exit Poll


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Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International have been hired by Renaissance Associates to conduct exit polling for the Azerbaijan Parliamentary Elections on November 6, 2005. The exit polls will be conducted in all 125 election districts and results will be made available to the media soon after the polls close that evening.Azerbaijan map courtesy of the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
“This exit poll presents a great challenge because of the diversity of the country’s languages and customs,” says Joe Lenski, Edison co-founder and Executive Vice President. Edison executives have spent significant time in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, working closely with its local research partners to design the exit poll and prepare for the election. Joe Lenski and Warren Mitofsky will be in Azerbaijan on election day to announce the results.
“Our extensive experience conducting national exit polls in the United States, Russia and Mexico gives us confidence we can succeed in Azerbaijan,” says Warren Mitofsky, President of Mitofsky International.
When the polls close Lenski added, “we will identify the winner in as many of the 125 Parliamentary districts as meet our criteria for confidence in the result. In districts where the race is ‘Too Close To Call,’ additional winners eventually will be identified from the vote count in sample polling places.” The exit polls will be conducted in 1,446 polling places that have been selected using scientific sampling methods. It is expected that more than 100,000 voters will be interviewed in the survey.
“We are excited to continue our international exit polling efforts, and look forward to our exit polls providing key information for the democratic process in Azerbaijan” Lenski said.
For more information, call or email Joe Lenski or Rob Farbman.