Melissa DeCesare - Vice President
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Melissa DeCesare

Vice President

Melissa DeCesare is a Vice President at Edison Research. She oversees the company’s research operations for music testing and callout. Well-seasoned at questionnaire development, she also has extensive experience with managing sample recruitment and organizing field logistics. She plays a key role in quality assurance and data deliverables, with a proficiency in the user end experience of Edison’s music research sorting software.

Since joining Edison Research in 1996, she has coordinated hundreds of music studies and projects across the United States and abroad. As part of the Edison team, she continues to use her experience to explore and evolve music research strategies and methodologies.

In addition to project management, DeCesare is a contributor to the Edison blog, authoring posts about moms and their media habits. As a mom of two children herself, she has developed a particular interest in how this important demographic group interacts with and adapts to advancing technologies.

DeCesare is also the principal author of the annual Moms and Media report, which highlights how moms consume both traditional and modern media. The report has been quoted in various publications for its relevance to social networking, Internet consumption and mobile device ownership among moms.

Stemming from the popularity and interest of the Moms and Media series, she is currently involved in the development and management of the other ‘mom related’ research and insights provided by Edison.

DeCesare holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Trenton State College, now known as The College of New Jersey.