Let me clear this up for you, Mr. President…

In her blog called “The Trail” Ann Kornblut of the Washington Post reported the following:

  • After the public rally, the Clintons held a private pep talk with their staff members on the floor of their hotel. Former president Bill Clinton told downcast aides that there was some good news in the night’s results: that the campaign had gotten far more than 70,000 voters — far more than the campaign thought it needed, he said — and that he is confident a post-caucus analysis will show that Clinton and Obama were tied among first-time voters.

Well, in fact, this is not the case.

Among voters in the Iowa Democratic Caucus who were participating in their first caucus, Obama crushed Senator Hillary Clinton 41% to 29%, according to our entrance polls.  

In addition, former Senator John Edwards won among those who had caucused before.  Clinton came in third among this group.