Edison Research Sees Success with 2010 Midterm Election Exit Polls

Edison Research, the Somerville, New Jersey company that has been conducting the Exit Polls for the major television networks and the Associated Press since 2003, enjoyed another successful round of Exit Polls for the 2010 Midterms.

“We are immensely proud of our team’s performance,” said Joe Lenski, Edison Executive VP and the leader of the Exit Polling efforts. “Once again, no incorrect calls were made based on the Exit Polls, which is our first priority.”

In total, Edison Election Day team of over 2400 workers completed over 91,000 interviews in that one day. The group produced a national Exit Poll as well as 26 state-wide Exit Polls in states with competitive elections.

“The Exit Polls are an enormous undertaking,” said Rob Farbman, Senior VP at Edison and the chief of Election Day operations. “We are happy that so much of the discussion of what happened in this historic election was aided by the information we gathered.”

For more information about Edison go to www.edisonresearch.com or visit Edison’s contact page.

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