Edison Research & NPR release Smart Audio Report Part Two

On September 28, Edison VP of Marketing and Strategy Tom Webster spoke at Advertising Week New York to unveil part two of Edison Research & NPR’s Smart Audio Report.

Smart speakers, such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Home, are quickly gaining popularity in the United States.  Those who already use the new technology are becoming reliant on them—so much so, that many users now consider their smart speaker to be part of the family.  Part Two of the Smart Audio Report focuses on how smart speakers have socialized audio and the many implications that this shift will have on the advertising industry.  You can view a full replay of Tom’s presentation here.

Following the presentation, Ad Age published Tom’s case for why marketers should be paying more attention to the smart speaker space. In the article, which can be read in full here, Webster discusses the habits of smart speaker owners and his predictions for the industry, as well as recommendations for how marketers can capitalize on the new technology. 

Both the workshop and article draw on data from Edison Research and NPR’s Smart Audio Report.  Based upon a national online survey of 1,620 Americans ages 18+, including 800 smart speaker owners, the Smart Audio Report is the first comprehensive study of the attitudes and behaviors of smart speaker owners.

Edison Research to Conduct Exit Polling in the Republic of Georgia

By David1010Giorgi Balakhadze (english version) – File:Democratic Republic of Georgia.svg, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26696605

Edison Research will be conducting exit polls on October 21, 2017 in the Republic of Georgia.  The survey is sponsored by the television network Rustavi 2.  In addition to these exit polls in Tbilisi and Kutaisi for the Mayoral elections, Edison is also conducting pre-election polling in Tbilisi.

Edison’s team (comprised of Rob Farbman, Senior Vice President; Nino Japaridze, Vice President; and Mary Meyn, Director of Research) visited Tbilisi in early October and announced both the scope and methodology of Edison’s polling, and the results of the first wave of its pre-election polling.  Detailed coverage of Edison’s October 4th press conference can be viewed here: http://rustavi2.ge/ka/news/86631#_=_

Edison’s Tbilisi pre-election poll results were released by Rustavi 2 TV on October 9th on Rustavi 2’s flagship weekly analytical program “P.S.”



Public opinion survey results broadcast by Rustavi 2 TV were based on Edison’s poll of eligible voters in Tbilisi, 18 years old and older, conducted from during September 22- October 2. A total of 1200 eligible voters were interviewed. Edison Research used random sampling methodology and conducted face-to-face interviews in respondents’ households. All eligible voters in Tbilisi had an equal chance of being selected. Margin of error for total sample was +/- 3 percentage points at the 95 percent confidence level.

The upcoming exit poll will mark the third time Edison Research has carried out exit polling in Georgia. Edison’s polling team has previously covered the 2010 Tbilisi Mayoral election and the national election for Parliament in 2012.

Podcast Movement 2017

Podcast Movement 2017

Edison Research President, Larry Rosin, and VP of Strategy, Tom Webster, presented the keynote at Podcast Movement 2017: “Share of Speech: Podcasting’s Place in the World of Spoken-Word Audio,” today in Anaheim, CA, with data taken from Edison’s Shareof Ear® series. Contact us for more information.

Lead Statistician and Data Scientist – Edison Research

Lead Statistician and Data Scientist – Edison Research

Since 2004, Edison Research has been the sole provider of exit poll information to the National Election Pool, conducting exit polls and collecting precinct vote returns to project and analyze results for every major presidential primary and general election.   For the 2018 and 2020 U.S. elections, Edison will provide exit polls and will tabulate the national vote across every county in the United States for ABC News, CBS News, CNN, and NBC News.

The Lead Statistician and Data Scientist will oversee statistical applications in Edison’s election system as we prepare for the 2018 and 2020 elections.


  • MS or Ph.D. in Statistics or related disciplines
  • Expertise in statistical techniques, research design, and data analysis
  • Experience with statistical software packages (e.g. SPSS, Stata, R, SAS, Python)
  • Strong technical data query and report building capabilities using SQL
  • Experience with sample design and survey research
  • Familiarity with RBS sampling and voter lists
  • Experience with relational databases
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


  • Test estimation and variance models
  • Select voting precinct samples
  • Update and testing of statistical specifications
  • Interface with computer developers for statistical models
  • Interface between election researchers and developers for maintaining databases
  • Develop survey weighting procedures for telephone surveys of early voters
  • Oversee research and development of new statistical models for election projection system
  • Work closely with programmers and developers to implement new statistical models
  • Serve as a key decision team member on Election Days

Contact Information:

Send resume and cover letter with salary requirements to jobs@edisonresearch.com. Resumes without cover letters will not be considered.

The Podcast Consumer Australia 2017

The Podcast Consumer Australia 2017 is a first look at this growing platform in Australia. Patterned on a similar report in the USA, this information adds to Edison’s worldwide dataset on Podcasting. This information is derived from the Infinite Dial Australia 2017 study, which is sponsored by Triton Digital, Commercial Radio Australia, and Southern Cross Austereo. This report shows the current status of podcasting including information on:

  • Demographics
    • Podcast Consumption
    • Device Usage
    • Social Media Behaviors
    • Other Media Behaviors

Findings of this report include the following:

  • A strong majority of Australians (72%) are familiar with the term “podcasting” – higher than in the United States.
  • Just under 30% of Australians have ever listened to a podcast, and 17% have listened to one in the last month.
  • The audience for podcasts is predominately 18-54, and leans slightly male.
  • The Podcast listener is an affluent, educated consumer— and one who is more likely to gravitate to ad-free or ad-light subscription experiences.
  • Clicking on a podcast to listen to it immediately (either streamed or via progressive download) is the dominant paradigm for listening, though 27% do subscribe to podcasts.
  • Subscribers tend to have been podcast consumers for longer than non-subscribers, consume more podcasts, and are more likely to use their smartphone as their primary podcast player.
  • While Home continues to be the most often named location for podcast listening, the vehicle is a strong second.
  • Most podcast consumers listen to most of the podcast episodes they download, and the vast majority listen to at least most of each episode.