Format Trends: What Changed In Eight Years?

How much has radio programming changed over the last eight years?

I recently came across an presentation of mine called “Radio Programming Trends: 2006.” It was written for the Hawaii Association of Broadcasters, one of the best speaking gigs ever, in a time before PPM, the iPhone and the rise of Pandora.

The ten programming trends I identified at the time weren’t meant to be predictions, just a wide-angle look at the current landscape. Indeed, the most significant trend at the time has been largely reversed. Here’s how I viewed radio programming in 2006, and what’s changed. Read more


Increasing Broadcast Radio’s Share Of Ear

Edison Research’s finding that broadcast radio controls 52% of the just-over four hours that the average listener spends with all sources of audio cannot be trended. Edison’s new Share of Ear study is a unique first-time look at listening to all media, from music on cable TV to satellite radio to listeners’ own music collections. And part of the impetus for undertaking the study was that this information did not exist elsewhere.

That doesn’t mean people won’t try to trend the 52% number. Many will look at broadcast radio’s one-time cultural dominance, shrinking TSL, and the indifference of their own 16-year-old offspring, and conclude the number must be down. Other broadcasters will maintain that the remaining 48% number isn’t far larger than it once would have been, but merely redistributed with new measured sources of audio replacing the unmeasured “listening to ‘Who’s Next’ in your dorm room,” as Cumulus’ Lew Dickey recently put it. Read more


Seeking Audio’s Future Leaders

Edison Research and RAIN Enterprises are now receiving your nominations for 2014′s “30 Under 30.” Our list highlights the most promising and accomplished young men and women representing the next generation of radio and audio. We’re honoring individuals who are 30 or younger and have exceptional achievements in any aspect of audio or broadcasting.

Previous honorees include Listener Driven Radio president Daniel Anstandig, Cox Media Group’s Digital Audience Director Tim Clarke, sportscaster Spiro Dedes, WFLZ Tampa PD Tommy Chuck, KIIS Los Angeles middayer Sisanie Reategui, Emmis/Austin OM Chase Rupe, WWPR New York morning co-host Charlemagne, and tech entrepreneur Jake Sigal. Read more


Edison Research Conducts First Ever “Share of Ear” Measurement For All Forms Of Online And Offline Audio

Despite a constantly changing audio landscape, broadcast radio controls more than half of the more than four hours a day that Americans spend with all sources of audio. But the audio space is vibrant and changing – and newer sources of audio, from Internet-only services like Pandora and Spotify, to Satellite Radio, and even TV music channels like Music Choice now account for nearly a quarter of all listening.

Those are just a few of the findings from Share of Ear, the groundbreaking new syndicated study from Edison Research that provides the first consistent measurement of all audio consumption, including AM/FM radio stations, online radio stations, podcasts and even listeners’ own music collections. Read more


“Infinite Dial 2014″ Format Report: Nearly Two-Thirds of CHR Radio P1s Listen to Online Radio Weekly

Somerville, New Jersey — June 17, 2014 — Sixty-four percent of P1 listeners to Contemporary Hit Radio listen to Online Radio weekly, which is significantly higher than the average at 36%. Twice as many CHR P1s listen to Pandora weekly (44%), compared to 22% among the total.

These are two key findings from “The Infinite Dial 2014: A Look at CHR Radio P1s.” The new report is the latest in the continuing series of format breakouts from Edison Research’s influential “Infinite Dial” study, released in March of this year.

Respondents to Edison Research’s 2014 “The Infinite Dial” were asked to name the radio station they listen to most, each of which was individually coded by format. The CHR Radio breakouts are based on 152 listeners age 12 and older who named a Mainstream CHR or Rhythmic Top 40 outlet as their P1 station. Read more