An Election Night Wrap-Up [VIDEO]

We at Edison Research are enormously proud of the role that we play on Election Day as the sole providers of exit polling to major news organizations in the U.S. and across the globe. While our exit polls do play a role in allowing our network clients to project the outcome of races on Election Day, the real legacy of our work is to provide Americans with a lasting record of who voted, and why. It’s a charge we take very seriously.

At Edison’s election headquarters we have a bank of television sets, each tuned to one of our clients–so we were watching everything that you were on Election Night. Of course, we were hard at work compiling and analyzing all the data we collected throughout the day to spend too much time watching TV, but every time the exit polls were mentioned, we all felt a little flush of pride.

For the next four years, the changing patterns in our electorate are going to be analyzed, debated and ultimately incorporated into the American dialogue for many elections to come. For our clients at ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC and the Associated Press (along with a host of newspapers, local television stations and international news organization clients) our work on the exit polls will spark conversation, opinion, and–ultimately–insight into what the American electorate thinks and feels on Election Day.

We’re proud of that.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat or an Independent, our work on Election Day will be part of the American conversation for the next four years and beyond. So, here’s a brief snapshot of the conversations that our exit polls sparked and informed. Enjoy, and thank you for watching.

Some stats on our Election Day efforts:

The U.S. election exit polling effort is the largest single-day survey research project in the world. The national exit poll survey includes 26,565 interviews with voters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The interviews were conducted at 350 polling locations on election day, along with 4,408 telephone interviews of absentee and early voters. In addition, Edison staffers collected over 90,000 additional interviews across the country to provide election analysis of dozens of state-level elections. In total, over 3,000 Edison staff members collected nearly 120,000 interviews, all within the span of 16 hours. As a result, our network clients and the AP were successfully able to call not only the national Presidential race, but also every state and senate race, a number of House and Gubernatorial races, and several important referenda.

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