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What We Learned From Testing Christmas Music In 2012

When Edison Research did its last national test of holiday music in 2007, nearly half of the best songs–those making up the top sixth of the songs tested–came from 1967 or before. In any other radio genre, time marches on, songs lose their currency, and new listeners age into the target demo and bring a […]


The Least Liked Holiday Songs Of 2012

When it comes to holiday music, one particular novelty song is still a total dog. “Jingle Bells” by the Singing Dogs—the 1955 version of the holiday standard that is actually barked, not sung, is still the most-disliked holiday song, according to a new holiday music test by Edison Research. The Singing Dogs are joined in […]


First Listen: WFNX’s “Snapple Summer Free-For-All”

Last fall, three Eastern Long Island, N.Y., stations briefly tried swapping out spots in favor of sponsorships. That idea had too much appeal not to come back and last week, heritage Modern Rocker WFNX Boston announced that it was trading spots for a 40-day sponsorship by Snapple. How does it sound?


Handicapping The Summer Song Of 2006

Handicapping each year’s “song of the summer” has become a national pastime, not unlike the U.K.’s annual Christmas No. 1 derby. This year, Edison Media Research’s Sean Ross weighs in early on possible summer song candidates, and the relatively healthy supply of uptempo feel-good product in most formats.


Hip-Hop: Faltering? Or Just Fragmented?

There has been a lot written lately about how hip-hop is losing its mass-appeal and pop is reasserting itself. But, not unlike Country radio a few years ago, Hip-Hop may be suffering most from fragmentation. Because no matter how hot a format is, there is rarely room for four of anything in a given market.