Moms and Media 2022

As the country moves out of the COVID pandemic and back into a lifestyle outside the home, Moms are showing adjustment once again in their media habits according to this year’s Moms and Media 2022 report.

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The latest installment of the annual report combines data from the Infinite Dial series from Edison Research, Wondery and ART19, with recent data from an additional online survey of moms. This Moms and Media 2022 report highlights device usage and media consumption of Moms in the United States, now two years into COVID and entering a much awaited phase of normalcy.   In addition, from the online supplemental survey, Moms and Media puts the spotlight on some key questions about children and social media.

Moms self-reported using the internet for 16 minutes less than they did in 2021, for a total of four hours.  This decrease is indicative of another lifestyle change, one that no longer is completely homebased because of COVID-19.


Smart speakers have found their place with moms.  In 2022, half of all moms now report owning some kind of smart speaker.    As we saw in last year’s report, these devices proved to be true little helpers for moms.


They are so functional to moms that most need more than one.  In 2022, 67% of moms report owning at least two smart speakers, with 43% saying they own three or more.



The main draw to smart speakers is the ability to accomplish tasks hands free.  That technology carries over to other devices and moms are taking advantage.  This year’s report shows a healthy increase in the number of moms choosing hands free, with 76% saying they use some kind of voice-operated personal assistant over the 63% we saw last year.



Moms are embracing the hands free technology and adding smart speakers to their home, but what they are not adding, are actual radios.  Just about 4 in 10 (38%) moms do not have a single radio in their home while 62% report they have at least one.  In contrast, ten years ago, 88% of moms had at least one radio at home and just 12% reported not having one at all.


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Moms and Media 2021

Moms and Media 2021 reflects a year of adjustment in media usage and consumption resulting from a new, at-home lifestyle in the wake of COVID-19.

The latest installment of the annual report combines data from the Infinite Dial® series from Edison Research and Triton Digital, with recent data from Edison Research’s new ongoing syndicated measurement of social media, The Social Habit. With both studies conducted during the pandemic, the data shows how media habits have changed as a result of being home.  The report showcases how Moms in the United States maintain their mobile tendencies and rely on devices and technology to manage the new normal.  In addition, it sheds light on how moms view their children’s social media usage in regard to their adjustment of being in a pandemic.

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Smart speakers have proven themselves as little (or big!)  helpers.  Whether it is adding to a grocery list, getting information or even setting an alarm for kids to log back into remote school, smart speakers check those boxes and more.  With hands free help, these devices are becoming part of the family.   In 2021, 46% of moms reported owning some kind of smart speaker, up from the 33% we saw in 2020.


Smart Speakers surge among Moms

When it comes to smart speakers, more is better for most moms.  The majority of smart speaker moms (58%) own two or more smart speakers.  The average number of smart speakers in the home is 2.7.

With the ability to place these in multiple locations around the house, mom has coverage even when she is moving from room to room.


Number of Smart Speakers among Moms


While moving room to room in makeshift, shared workspaces around the house, moms embrace the devices that help smooth the transition and quiet the noise.  With a year of video calls and online school at home, earphones are a must.   61% of moms reported owning wireless earphones or headphones.


Moms own wireless earphones


Devices are necessary but without the Internet to power them they aren’t nearly as functional.  The internet is taking the biggest piece of moms’ media time, with moms in 2021 reporting they spend 4 hours and 16 minutes daily using the internet.  That is 23 minutes more than what they reported in 2020.


Moms spend more time on the internet than in 2020



Over the last year, children were also adjusting to new habits due to the pandemic. Without in-person school or extracurricular activities, there was limited social interaction for children.  The mental health implications of this have been in the spotlight and a big driver of getting kids back to in-person school where possible. Social media moms look to social media to help with this for their children.   Half of social media moms agree that social media is helping their children cope during the pandemic.


Moms agree that social media helps children cope



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Moms and Media 2020

Moms and Media 2020 reveals an unwavering commitment by U.S. moms to devices and technology, highlighted by a dependence on the internet amidst a new, COVID-19 world.

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The latest installment of the annual report combines data from The Infinite Dial® series from Edison Research and Triton Digital, with a recent survey conducted during COVID-19 restrictions. The report highlights how Moms in the United States continue to hold tight to their tech tools, with functionality being the biggest driver. While sheltering at home, now more than ever, moms are relying on their technology and media to get through the day.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets keep up with busy moms and smart speakers continue to hold their place at home. In 2020, 33% of moms own some kind of smart speaker and moms who own one, own multiple.

As shown by their interest in smart speakers, multi-tasking moms love help when it comes hands-free. Voice assisted technology is gaining popularity and finding its way into all sorts of devices and moms are taking advantage. Two-thirds of U.S. moms use some form of voice-operated personal assistant.

While being isolated at home, moms are using just about all of their devices more. Working remotely, helping children with distance learning and keeping in touch with friends and family are just a few of the reasons why moms are leaning even more heavily on their devices.

Moms are not the only ones who are increasing their use of devices and technology. With schools closed, children are distance learning at home using new digital platforms in their virtual classrooms. Now a necessary part of their daily routine, technology allows children to connect online with coaches and teammates until they can return to the field.

It is unclear what the future holds, so for now the day-to-day habits continue as they are. When life resembles the old normal again, moms will adapt once more. However, while it is unknown how long this new normal will last, nearly 4 in 10 moms think their current media habits will stay with them even after it is over.


Moms on Social Media 2019

From The Research Moms at Edison Research

Facebook usage has fallen among social media users in the U.S., but one group is not showing the same decline: moms. Eighty-one percent of U.S. moms use Facebook compared to 61% of the total U.S. population.

Ninety-two percent of U.S. moms use social media compared to 79% of the U.S. population age 12+, and a new study from The Research Moms at Edison Research, Moms on Social Media 2019, reveals some of the reasons moms are active users of social media.

Moms have two major motivators for continuing to use social media: the emotional connection it provides, and the practical ways it helps them in their busy lives. The study finds that on the emotional side, moms are using social media to stay up-to-date with friends, share aspects of their lives, and share their opinions. On the practical side, moms are using social media to get information on school events, details on extracurricular activities, health and parenting advice, and find product recommendations.

As Edison Research Vice President Megan Lazovick notes, “It turns out that the majority of moms are using social media for more than just social motivations. The bottom line is, the life of a mom is not simple, and the way she uses social media isn’t simple either.”

Some key findings:

  • 81% of U.S. moms on social media use Facebook compared to 61% of the total U.S. population 12+. There are 15 million fewer Facebook users in the total U.S. population 12+ in 2019 than there were in 2017, according to The Infinite Dial 2019 , but we don’t see that same downward trend among U.S. moms
  • Pinterest and Instagram have seen significant gains year-over-year. Among U.S. moms on social media, 63% are using Pinterest in 2019 compared to 47% in 2017, and 53% are using Instagram compared to 37% in 2017
  • 36% of moms on social media agree with the statement, “You often feel like social media is your main connection to the outside world.”
  • 80% of moms on social media say they turn to it for product recommendations, and 58% of moms on social media said Facebook is the platform they turn to first for product recommendations
  • Regarding how they feel about social media, 59% of moms on social media say they feel connected, 54% say they feel entertained, and 41% say they feel informed.

There is a negative side to social media for moms, though:

  • 53% of moms on social media say there is too much negativity on social media
  • 23% of moms on social media say social media has had a negative impact on their emotional well-being
  • 24% of moms who use social media say they would like to quit, but nearly the same percent of moms on social media (23%) say they can’t live without it
  • 49% of moms on social media say they have decided not to post, share, or comment on social media because they worried others would judge
  • 26% of moms on social media say they feel annoyed, 25% say they feel addicted, and 24% say they feel concerned about social media

The relationship U.S. moms have with social media is complicated as social media has become necessary for the busy moms of today. Moms might experience negative feelings on social media, but without it, they’d lose the ability to keep in touch with friends or keep up with the daily activities of their families and lives.

Moms were asked if they thought social media had brought people together or divided people, and their answer perfectly illustrates this complicated relationship: they were split almost evenly with 51% saying social media has brought people together and 49% saying social media has divided people.

Edison Research Vice President of Digital Operations Laura Silvia adds,“As moms ourselves, we discuss many of these items around the office, so it is especially exciting to quantify moms’ feelings about social media and at the same time produce research that is useful to brands and marketers.”

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Moms on Social Media Webinar — Save the Date

The annual Edison Research The Infinite Dial® study estimates that there are 15 million fewer Facebook users in the U.S. today than there were in 2017. However, among moms in the U.S., Facebook remains strong year over year.

The Research Moms expand on this finding with their latest all-new study, Moms on Social Media: It’s Complicated.

Join The Research Moms on Wednesday, December 18 at 2pm ET as they debut data from this study that explores moms’ usage, perceptions, and sentiments of all social media. This is a brand new survey conducted in the second half of 2019 among a sample of moms in the U.S.  It includes why they use social media, what they use it for, and how they feel about using it – and how their feelings and actions don’t always align.

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