The Podcast Consumer Tracking Report, from Edison Research, is a first-of-its-kind research product designed to serve the ongoing needs of leading podcast networks, agencies, and consultancies. Edison Research has served the podcast industry for over 15 years through our continual coverage of the medium in the Infinite Dial and our Share of Ear research, and the Podcast Consumer Tracker offers a bespoke service to the growing podcast industry to provide our renowned measurement and analysis expertise to aid in the continued market development of the podcasting space.

Started in Summer, 2019, The Podcast Consumer Tracking Report provides members with a reliable and regular checkup on the podcast audience, what they are listening to, and the relative reach and awareness of the leading podcast networks. Each quarterly report also tracks demographics, content preferences, listening behaviors (including clients and platforms) and other custom measures determined in consultation with all member clients.


Edison Research (and our partners at Triton) will continue their annual tradition of providing basic podcast consumption metrics and demographics in our annual Infinite Dial releases. However, the previous Podcast Consumer report is now subsumed into this new quarterly tracking product.

Other specifications include the following:

  • Each quarterly sample comprises over 2,000 respondents, ages 18+, who listen to podcasts at least monthly
  • Editorial input to add up to two custom questions per quarter
  • Complete audience demographics and profiles for your podcast network at least twice per year, depending upon sample response and reach
  • Addition of up to three specific, strategic podcasts for audience metrics per quarter
  • Tracking and all historical data access for active members
  • Publication permitted upon specific approval

All data is accessible and available for custom queries via an easy-to-use online dashboard (license included). Dataset also includes, but is not limited to, the following fields:


Age/Sex/Race Employment/Education/Household Income
Children in household Podcast listening
Clients and platforms Location(s) of listening
Content preferences by topic Device(s) used for listening
Subscription behaviors (streaming & podcasting services) Changing News podcast habits
Awareness, Trial, and Usage of leading podcast networks Awareness and efficacy of various forms of podcast advertising
Behaviors driven by podcast advertisements/sponsorships Direct donation/support of podcasts


Other topics will be included and/or rotated as warranted. A public “ranker” of podcast networks will not be released and each client’s custom questions are private to that network.

Membership in the Podcast Consumer Tracking report, including all reporting, data reporting dashboard, editorial input, and training costs $10,000 per quarter, with a four-quarter minimum. Should additional custom questions beyond the two-per-quarter allocation be desired, these are purchasable for an additional $2,000 each per quarter. For more information, contact Tom Webster, at or 908-707-4707.