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Edison Research data powers many of the most listened-to podcasts in the world, and our industry studies on consumer behavior, demographics, and monetization of podcasting are used by scores of successful companies in the space. Edison’s leadership in podcasting has driven the most influential studies of the medium, including the following:

…and many more. Edison has been continuously researching podcasting since 2005, and our data on podcast consumption is relied upon by thousands of podcasters all over the world. In addition to our regular stand-alone reports on podcasting, we have coved the medium in our Infinite Dial series since 2006, and have also been measuring podcasting’s overall Share of Ear® since 2014. In addition, we have provided private research and consultation services for many of the leaders in the podcasting space, including these companies:

Here’s how we can help you:

Edison Podcast Consumer Metrics

Edison Podcast Metrics, formerly known as the Podcast Consumer Tracking Report, is the only podcast measurement service that measures the relative audience size and demographics of all podcast networks in the U.S. It is the only measurement based on actual podcast listening, not downloads, and does not require an opt-in from podcast networks. Learn more about Edison Podcast Metrics here.

Audience Research

Edison can provide your podcast with credible research to provide crucial information on the demographics of your audience. Podcasts reach a highly targeted audience with great efficiency, and an Edison-backed survey of that audience will provide advertisers, agencies, and media buyers with the information they can trust.

Brand Lift Studies

Edison partners with networks, shows, and leading brands to determine the real, measurable impact of podcast advertising campaigns. Our process involves executing methodologically sound pre- and post-campaign surveys, using industry-standard measures of awareness, fit, and lift. In addition, we work with agencies, media buyers, and the brands themselves to incorporate custom metrics and key performance indicators into every study, allowing stakeholders to calibrate and compare the effectiveness of their podcast campaigns with their other media placements. We have conducted Brand Lift studies for a wide variety of brands and categories, from leading retailers to financial services products, restaurants, consumer packaged goods, and more.

Our Brand Lift methodologies are variable according to the exact circumstances of the podcast or network concerned, but generally involve one of these three methods:

  • Pre/Post campaign surveys solicited by in-podcast audio callouts
  • A/B testing by comparing the audience for a given podcast or network with our national panel of podcast listeners
  • “Forced Listening” studies for branded podcasts or shows with niche audiences.

Any and all of these methods are custom and adjusted to the unique nature of each show or network. Edison prides itself on providing actual brand lift metrics for brands and agencies, and not simply “copy testing” data.

Consulting Services

Content providers can leverage Edison’s decade of experience in the medium through an ongoing consulting arrangement.

For more information on these or other Edison podcast services, call (908) 707-4707, or contact Larry Rosin.

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