Click here to download the free Edison Research Podcast Listener Survey

The surest path to improving your podcast and attracting sponsors is to understand your audience! Every top podcast incorporates regular, consistent listener feedback into their planning and programming.   

Edison Research has been serving the podcast community with research and resources from the very beginning, and we take enormous pride in being the premiere research company in the podcast space. Truly, your success is our success. That’s why we have put together a way to help YOU understand your audience and make the best show you can.   

The Edison Research Podcast Listener Study is a free-to-use template to craft your own audience survey. We’ve put together the best practices and most common questions both producers and advertisers have into a questionnaire template that you can use to get consistent, regular feedback from the people that matter the most–your audience.   

This template should give you an excellent starting point. See something you would change, or add? Go for it–we are releasing this for you to use as you wish.    

You can download the survey template (no registration necessary) and use it however you see fit. You are welcome to incorporate whatever elements of this template you wish into your own creation. While there are survey and Q&A platforms out there for you to investigate, a simple Google form is a great way to get started.    

Edison Research will continue to update this questionnaire and invest in the space. We have invested in you since the very beginning of podcasting.

Please contact us at with any questions. For more information about our podcast measurement service Edison Podcast Metrics, click here.