Watching TV In The Cab

Ever ridden a cab in New York City equipped with a television in the back seat? Ever found yourself compelled to watch, especially on those long, traffic-laden trips to the city from JFK or LaGuardia? You’re not alone. In fact, millions of Americans have watched NY10, the exclusive TV network from Clear Channel and NBC Universal, in the back of one of over 5,000 taxis in NYC. Passengers can while away their trip with short features from NBC/MSNBC/CNBC and NBC News, along with a real-time ticker that provides GPS tracking and fare information.

While advertisers might be initially compelled by the lure of a ‘captive audience,’ NY10 needed metrics to really sell the service and convince advertisers that in-cab TV was a powerful tool to increase awareness, engagement and other key brand metrics. Finding a way to measure the attitudes and opinions of passengers who have been exposed to NY10 was an interesting challenge–one for which the consumer exit polling capabilities of Edison Research are uniquely suited.


Edison Research to Announce American Moviegoers’ Selection for “Best Picture”

National exit polling firm teams up with AMC Entertainment to create a first-of-its-kind survey of moviegoers.

Edison Research, the company that performs the exit polls on Election Day for the major US television networks, and AMC Entertainment (AMC) have teamed up to create a unique research project to determine the “Best Picture” as voted by moviegoers. On Saturday, February 21st, AMC theatres around the country will show all five nominees at the AMC Best Picture Showcase. Edison Research will then conduct a national exit poll at a sample of theaters of moviegoers who have seen all five movies, to determine which nominated film the public selects as the “Best Picture” for 2009.

This survey is notable in that researchers traditionally struggle to ensure a sample that has actually seen all five nominees. By using many of the same techniques and tools employed for the national election, the Edison Research survey will provide a more accurate look at which nominee really stands out in the eyes of American moviegoers.

Results will be tabulated throughout the evening at Edison’s exit polling headquarters and will be available at approximately 6 am on Sunday, February 22nd, at

About Edison Research

Somerville, NJ based Edison Research provides consumer market research and public opinion polling to businesses, governments, and news organizations throughout the world. Edison is particularly renowned for its Exit Polling techniques, and is the worldwide leader in the application of Exit Polling to consumer research. To learn more about Edison visit

AP/mtvU Poll Shows that Many College Students are Stressed

Edison Media Research recently conducted a poll of U.S. undergraduates on behalf of the Associated Press and mtvU to gauge the level of stress they feel and how it impacts their lives. Four in ten students said that they endure stress “often,” while nearly 20% responded that their stress level within the past three months has caused them to consider dropping out of school. More coverage is available here, while the survey results can be obtained at the Associated Press Polls page. The survey was conducted from Feb. 28-March 6 by Edison Media Research ( using exit polling techniques, with a total sample of 2,253 undergraduate students filling out confidential forms. The margin of sampling error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The students, age 18-24, were handed the questionnaires at 40 randomly chosen four-year schools around the country by interviewers from Edison’s exit poll staff. To protect privacy, the schools where the poll was conducted are not being identified and the students who responded were not asked for their names.

MtvU’s sponsorship of the poll is related to its work on “Half of Us, ” which it runs with the Jed Foundation, a nonprofit group that works to reduce suicide among young people. “Half of Us” is a program designed to raise awareness about emotional problems faced by college students.

ProLink Brings Advertising to Golf Carts

The Business Journal of Phoenix quoted the exit-poll survey on the effectiveness of advertisements on GPS on golf carts conducted by Edison Media Research.

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