The Web Catches and Reshapes Radio

From the January 16th edition of The New York Times. Fueled by our Internet Studies, the article provides an excellent overview of the state of Web Radio and contains insight from Edison’s Larry Rosin. Feel free to contact us for a copy of the article


The Internet, Your Audience and E-Commerce

Edison’s Internet research goes International! This study was presented at the NAB European Radio Conference on October 26th, 1999. Internet usage by radio listeners in Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. and the potential impact of new media on radio was explored in this latest Internet Study. Find out how you can maximize the potential of the web to create e-commerce opportunities for your station.

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A Statistician Looks at Country

The study presented by Larry Rosin at CRS 30 is still available online. Edison Media Research conducted this national survey of 611 country music listeners to explain the erosion in Country radio listening and to provide ideas for restoring positive momentum to Country radio. The study was sponsored by Country Radio Broadcasters and the results were presented on March 11th, 1999.

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Internet Study III: Broadcasters vs. Webcasters: Which Business Model Will Win?

This study represents the third collaboration between Edison Media Research and Arbitron New Media to seek out the very latest on the state of the Internet Webcast usage behavior and consumer interest in various Webcast business models. The study was presented Thursday, September 2nd, 1999 at the NAB Radio Show in Orlando.

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Internet Study II: Radio and E-Commerce

If you missed the Edison Research/Arbitron Internet Study II at the RAB Convention ‘99 in Atlanta you can still learn about our findings.

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