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Harnessing the Power of Mom

Mother know best. She’s the one who can cure a cold and make a mean chicken soup. She tucked you in at night and helped with your homework. And while she’s still all those things and more, she now also represents the holy grail of household marketing. According to research done by the Marketing to […]

Men Are From Mars…

You’ve heard the saying (and maybe even read the book) “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” Undisputedly, the two genders process, act and most importantly react differently in just about every situation. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that new research released by Targetcast reports that men and women use media differently. […]

Blackberry Strikes Again

With all of their recent press and flood of new releases, you wouldn’t associate BlackBerry with the term Slacker, but all that is beginning to change. Earlier this year, Research in Motion paired with Slacker, an Internet radio service, to bring the Slacker music application to BlackBerry phones in a move designed to further increase […]

Have Consumers Hung Up On Ringtones?

Ringtones were once popularly used as an identity statement, with users willing to pay as much as $3 for a few seconds of their personal anthem to signal an incoming call. However, it seems that consumers are no longer purchasing ringtones with the same enthusiasm as in years past. According to research from SNL Kagan, […]

Bloggers Beware!

Earlier this week, the FTC put forth new revisions to its guidelines concerning endorsements and testimonials in advertising. In addition to altering how far advertisers can go to make claims about a product’s effectiveness, the FTC rules now include restrictions on bloggers that will require them to disclose when there is a “material connection” to […]