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When Does Marketing Cross the Privacy Line?

Did you ever get that feeling that you were being watched? I think we all have at one time or another, but it’s usually after you’ve watched a suspenseful movie or when you are walking alone and feeling “unsettled.” Most of us wouldn’t get that sensation at a grocery store, but depending on where you […]

Career Women Make Bad Mothers?

Last week, the Outdoor Advertising Association in the UK began a campaign with the intent of showing the relevance of billboard advertising. However, their choice of slogan, “Career Women Make Bad Mothers“, proved to be too controversial and had to be removed. Not surprisingly, the outcry from working mothers was intense and the negative publicity […]

Predicting The Stock Market With Pop Culture

A recent article in USA Today posed a very interesting question: Could pop culture behavior be an indicator of what was to come in the stock market? Seems a little farfetched, but there are definitely some trends to consider when you look at the patterns for music, movies and TV preferences right before a downturn […]

The Changing Face of Facebook

Adweek.com recently reported that the 18-24 demo is losing its lust for Facebook, or at least not using the site as much as they had in the past. Recent data from comScore shows a consistent 3 month decline among 18-24s, who may perceive Facebook as losing its “cool,” now that everyone (including your grandmother) is […]