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Smartphone Moms: “Say Cheese”

Time flies, and we feel the full brunt whenever our children mark another milestone or celebrate a special event. Such occasions usually bring out the photographer in all of us, and June offers a jackpot of chances for the parental paparazzi crowd. End of school year concerts and ceremonies, as well as recitals and sports […]

Moms and Media 2013: Media Multitaskers

For those of us who are moms, multi-tasking is a given on most days.  We juggle so many balls in the air that if we didn’t multi-task, things just wouldn’t get done.  While multi-tasking has been a characteristic of moms for generations, 2013 moms now attack it using modern media and a couple of their […]

Media Habits of Moms in 2013

It is that time of year when mom is on our mind–not just because of Mother’s Day, but also for the release of our annual Moms and Media report. Moms and Media 2013,  taken from the Edison Research and Arbitron Infinite Dial series, will showcase brand new data about how moms are consuming various media simultaneously, and […]