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Another Opportunity for Mall Advertising

With the tough economy, we’ve seen some new approaches to advertising. Everyone is trying to reach more people for less money and using storefronts at the mall is proving to be an effective way to do just that. While we have seen local businesses and retailers taking advantage of ad space at the mall, schools […]

Sirius XM: What’s it Worth To You?

Sirius XM continues to struggle as we hit the midway point of 2009. After dodging bankruptcy earlier in the year, the satellite radio provider keeps pushing forward and looking for ways to make ends meet. But that begs the question, “Is it wise to ask for more money from subscribers during a troubled economy?” Beginning […]

Teens Still Going Strong to the Mall

Even with a tough economy, teenagers continue doing what they’ve always done–hang out at the mall. For advertisers, the mall is the place to be to reach those all important teens and tweens. According to recent data released by Scarborough Research and Arbitron, 62% of teens reported that they visit the mall at least as […]