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US Teens Much More Favorable Towards Obama Than Palin

In Edison Research’s recent national survey of American youth, we asked young people for approval ratings of both President Obama and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. While there is ample data available about these two among the voting-age population, we thought it would be interesting to check the approval scores among 12-17s. As the graph […]

Hanging Up The Phone

Since the advent of email, there have been many commentaries about the demise of the personal, handwritten letter as a form of communication. But in the last decade a parallel transformation has been occurring, without nearly so much comment – the demise of the personal phone call. In our recent national study of 12-24s, we […]

No Wonder They Act The Way They Do

In our recent study of American Youth — we asked respondents what time they wake up on a typical weekday. As the attached graph shows, an incredible one-quarter of them are awake before six am and seventy percent are up by 7am. I have two 12-17s, and both of them wake up in the 6am […]

The Internet Content Inflection Point?

Perhaps when the history of the long-term relationship between newspapers and the Internet is written, we will point to August, 2007–when Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. completed its purchase of The Wall Street Journal. A many will recall, Murdoch initially announced that he would open up the Journal’s Web site to non-subscribers. I am a subscriber […]