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Hanging Up The Phone

Since the advent of email, there have been many commentaries about the demise of the personal, handwritten letter as a form of communication. But in the last decade a parallel transformation has been occurring, without nearly so much comment – the demise of the personal phone call. In our recent national study of 12-24s, we […]

No Wonder They Act The Way They Do

In our recent study of American Youth — we asked respondents what time they wake up on a typical weekday. As the attached graph shows, an incredible one-quarter of them are awake before six am and seventy percent are up by 7am. I have two 12-17s, and both of them wake up in the 6am […]

The Internet Content Inflection Point?

Perhaps when the history of the long-term relationship between newspapers and the Internet is written, we will point to August, 2007–when Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. completed its purchase of The Wall Street Journal. A many will recall, Murdoch initially announced that he would open up the Journal’s Web site to non-subscribers. I am a subscriber […]

More Kindle Musings

Additions to my collection of “Ways the Kindle Changes the Reading Experience”: * I don’t know why but I’ve always been the kind of person who is reading multiple books simultaneously. If you share this oddity — the Kindle makes it vastly easier to pull off the juggling act. You just switch back and forth […]