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Saying Goodbye To AM Radio

In 2008, I gave a speech at the Jacobs Media Summit that was co-located with the NAB Radio Show in Austin where I called for the ‘Sunsetting’ of the AM dial.  My arguments were that there was too much radio inventory chasing too little business, that the technical deficiencies made it hard to listen to […]

The Power of Anonymity

When I started working in research for radio stations, Focus Groups were a regular part of the station’s arsenal.  Listening to ‘real people’ talk about a station, personalities, or the radio market in general was frequently eye-opening on many levels. Today, leaner budgets have made formal Focus Groups dramatically less common.  Often they are replaced […]

What Nationalization Will Mean to American Radio

Over the course of the last year, the programming strategies for American commercial radio’s ‘big boys’ – Clear Channel and Cumulus – have come increasingly into focus. Whether they believe it is the right thing to do for ratings, or for cost containment, or both, the two “Big C’s” are rapidly nationalizing the programming across […]