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Format Trends: What’s Changed In Eight Years?

How much has radio programming changed over the last eight years? I recently came across an presentation of mine called “Radio Programming Trends: 2006.” It was written for the Hawaii Association of Broadcasters, one of the best speaking gigs ever, in a time before PPM, the iPhone and the rise of Pandora. The ten programming […]

Increasing Broadcast Radio’s Share Of Audio Listening

Edison Research’s finding that broadcast radio controls 52% of the just-over four hours that the average listener spends with all sources of audio cannot be trended. Edison’s new Share of Ear® study is a unique first-time look at listening to all media, from music on cable TV to satellite radio to listeners’ own music collections. And part […]

Seeking Audio’s Future Leaders

Edison Research and RAIN Enterprises are now receiving your nominations for 2014’s “30 Under 30.” Our list highlights the most promising and accomplished young men and women representing the next generation of radio and audio. We’re honoring individuals who are 30 or younger and have exceptional achievements in any aspect of audio or broadcasting. Previous honorees […]