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What Advertisers Really Think About Radio

We asked European advertisers how radio measures up to other mediums when it comes to advertising effectiveness. Learn what they told us and how you can use this information to increase revenues at your station. This study was presented at the NAB European Radio Conference.

The National Record Buyers Study

A comprehensive survey about music purchasing behavior was presented at the R&R Convention 2001. Fascinating facts to emerge from the study include: 5.5% of 16 to 40 year olds are actively downloading music files but haven’t purchased a CD or cassette in the last 12 months and 9% of 16 to 24 year olds are […]

The Need for Speed

An in-depth look at consumer usage of broadband and online streaming media and its implications for the future of television in the new media world. This study was presented at the NAB 2001: The Convergence Marketplace convention.