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Microsoft’s Sound-Alike Radio Stations

Broadcasters had, by and large, stopped worrying about Internet radio and turned their attention to satellite radio, or the iPod. Now Microsoft’s new MSN Music service has unveiled 900 new radio stations that hope to replicate real stations “but with fewer ads, no DJ chatter, and less repetition.” So how vulnerable is your station to a jockless clone?

Edison Nightmare Scenarios for 2004, Part Two

The second of four articles on Election Nightmare Scenarios deals with the possibilities that party control of the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate may not be determined until weeks after Election Day. Between the chances of December run-off elections in Louisiana and re-counts in other states (and even the possibility of a re-count of a run-off election), the battle for control of Congress may go on for weeks and months after Election Day. Also included is the news of an announcement by a Republican elector that he might not cast his vote automatically for George W. Bush.

Election Nightmare Scenarios for 2004

The situations that could lead to a 2000-style electoral gridlock are numerous. This first article in a series on the possible “nightmare scenarios” deals with two potential situations which may again leave the outcome of the election undetermined on Election Night. The first is the Constitutional anomaly that has not occurred since the Election of 1800 – an Electoral Vote Tie. The second deals with the Referendum on the ballot in Colorado, which could change how the electoral votes in Colorado are allocated and potentially determine the next President of the United States.