Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Infinite Dial 2020 webinar!

If you have a question around podcasting, audio streaming, device usage, social media trends, radio, or other items related to the Infinite Dial that you’d like to see answered during the webinar, send us your question on video! Presenters Tom Webster (SVP, Edison Research) and John Rosso (President, Market Development, Triton Digital) will select a few entries to air and answer during the live event.

Here are some guidelines to follow when recording your video:

1. Your video must be 15 seconds or less.
2. Have good lighting and rest your camera on a steady surface.
3. Clearly show your face in the frame, and place your camera at eye level or slightly above. Here’s an example:

4. Videos must be submitted by Thursday, March 4.

When your video is ready, click here to send it to us. If you have questions or need help with this, email us at