Who is Angry at President Bush?

A few weeks back I posted a datapoint from Iowa showing that Ron Paul was getting a disproportionate share of those voters who are “Angry” at President Bush (as opposed to merely dissatisfied, or positive). One of John McCain’s remarkable feats in Florida was to pull from both those who were positive about the Bush administration AND those who were negative:


In Florida, 7% of voters in the Republican Primary indicated that they were “Angry” with the Bush Adminstration. Who are these angry voters in the sunshine state? Here are some interesting highlights:

  • 76% Believe abortion should be “legal,” with 30% saying “legal in all cases.”
  • Angry voters tended to be older (50% were age 60 and over) males (62%) who identified themselves as “Independent.” (49%)
  • They favor candidates who “say what they believe” (39%) over candidates who “share their values.” (14%)
  • Unlike most Republicans in Florida, they would vastly prefer paying down the deficit (73%) to cutting taxes (26%).
  • They think the economy is poor (59%) and by far the most important issue (51%). They aren’t too worried about Terrorism, however (3%).
  • Though they are concerned about the economy, they are a bit more well off than their more “satisfied” brethren–44% have household incomes greater than $100,000.

Clearly these “angry” voters are fiscal (not necessarily social) conservatives–well off, but not happy with the recent performance in the stock market at a time when their investments are most needed for living expenses–and not the “angry” anti-war voters Paul pulled from in Iowa. As we move into Super Tuesday, it will be interesting to track the movements of this vocal minority–balancing their need to retire comfortably against their desire not to leave our mounting debt to their grandchildren.