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Digital Talent Testing From Edison

Coaching and motivating talent is more than just numbers—the best talent research taps into the emotions of your listeners and discovers what makes them passionate about your on-air personalities.

The Edison Digital Talent Perceptual

You may have seen our dial testing research methodology used by cable news networks to provide instant viewer reaction to Presidential Debates. That same research is used to provide invaluable feedback on your talent and programming with the Edison Digital Talent Perceptual (DTP). More than just a way to measure your airstaff and personalities, the DTP provides the means to truly empower and energize your on-air talent. The DTP combines cutting edge technology with the industry’s most rigorous and sound research techniques to give you and your talent all the tools necessary to drive listener passion—and ratings.

The DTP can be used for morning shows, specialty programming—even promotions. By combining the best aspects of a focus group with the accurate measurement of the DTP system, Edison can help your station truly get to the heart of the issues that confront your station today.

For more information about Edison’s Digital Talent Perceptual system, please contact Tom Webster.