South Carolina Voters Not Kind To Alvin Greene

An Edison Research Exit Poll of Democratic Primary voters in today’s special election for State House in South Carolina District 64 shows that surprise 2010 Democratic Senate nominee Alvin Greene will not repeat his early success today. In fact, in the four-candidate primary, Alvin Greene is only receiving support from 1% of voters, according to our exit poll.

A total of 315 Democratic Primary voters were interviewed at a sample of eight polling locations in the house district which covers Clarendon County and parts of Williamsburg County. The exit poll shows the Mayor of Manning, SC, Kevin Johnson, defeating Clarendon County Council Chairman, Dwight Stewart by a margin of 2-1.

As Alvin Greene has become a more familiar figure to voters, he has not convinced voters that he is qualified for office. Only 8% of voters interviewed today answered that Alvin Greene was qualified to serve in the South Carolina State House, compared to 83% who said Kevin Johnson was qualified, and 54% who said that Dwight Stewart was qualified.

In the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate in June 2010, Alvin Greene received 59% of the vote statewide and more than 65% of the vote in House District 64.

NOTE: The Republican turnout for this primary was extremely low (less than one-third the turnout for the Democratic primary), which precludes our posting data from Republican voters.

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