Save The Date: The 2010 American Youth Study

In the summer of 2000, Edison Research released a landmark study of teens and young adults entitled “Radio’s Future: Today’s 12-24 Year-Olds“. This significant national study took an in-depth look at not just the media consumption habits of American youth, but also their attitudes, motivations, beliefs and desires. At the time, Radio was seeing erosion of 12-24 listening, and the Edison study served as a benchmark for more than a decade, providing all the clues radio needed to revitalize its younger audience.

mall_teen.jpgIn 2010, precisely a decade later, Radio’s younger demos are more at risk than ever. In the intervening years since 2000, the pace of change has accelerated, and today iPods, Pandora and Smartphones, none of which existed in 2000, are woven into the very fiber of our beings. In 2000, 87% of 12-24′s bought music on cassettes and CD’s; today, will any teen or young adult spend money on music again? What is radio’s role to be – and how can radio reassert its importance for music discovery and as arbiters of youth culture? What do today’s young consumers think of radio and where it fits into all their options for entertainment and information?

Edison is thrilled to announce the debut of Radio’s Future II: The 2010 American Youth Study at the NAB/RAB annual conference for broadcasters, The Radio Show, on Wednesday, September 29th. The study is being performed in partnership with This significant research study will expand to cover 12-34 year-old Americans, and will go well beyond merely measuring consumption habits. With the perspective of a decade’s time passing, we will be able to track changes among young adults and also be able to examine the same cohort we studied in 2000 – today’s 22-34 year-olds – and how they have migrated in their perceptions and beliefs since 2000.

The survey will be a methodologically sound, projectable national research study of 1500 respondents, from the same team who has been selected as the sole provider of US Election Exit Polling data for all the major US news networks. Edison’s research team will provide attendees not just with sound-bites and anecdotes, but with definitive decision support and insight regarding not only how America’s youth use media, but how they feel about various media channels and technologies, from mobile phone apps and media consumption, to social media, Internet radio, file downloading, music discovery and the place of radio in their culture.

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