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The Social Habit 2011

The Social Habit is a new study conducted by Edison Research and Arbitron, and is derived from the 19th Edison/Arbitron Internet and Multimedia Research Series, one of the longest-running studies of consumer adoption of the Internet, new media and other...

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The Infinite Dial 2011 - Navigating Digital Platforms

Smartphone Ownership Doubles Year Over Year to Nearly One-Third of Americans Says New Arbitron/Edison Research Study Study Also Reveals That Facebook, Multi-Computer Homes Cross 50% Threshold The percentage of Americans age 12 and older who have a smartphone has more...

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Facebook Achieves Majority

According to the upcoming report from Arbitron, Inc. and Edison Research, The Infinite Dial 2011: Navigating Digital Platforms, more than half of all Americans ages 12 and older are on Facebook. The study, fielded in January of 2011, indicates that...

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Twitter Awareness Nearly Universal; Usage Shows Slight Growth

Later this spring, we'll be releasing an update to our 2010 report, The Social Habit, which will provide new insights on social media usage, behaviors and trends. We'll be announcing the details in the coming weeks, but here is a...

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The Current State Of Podcasting 2010

The Current State of Podcasting 2010 is Edison's fifth annual study of the behaviors, attitudes and consumption habits of the podcast audience in America. This study was originally presented at the Blogworld New Media Expo in Las Vegas on October...

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