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Oldies Become Classic Hits, And Motown Goes MIA

During the boom years of the Oldies format, ’60s R&B (particularly Motown) was a reliable core sound – exposed widely in movies and TV commercials and viable even for AC radio. So it’s a little surprising to look at the 50 most-played songs at today’s Classic Hits format and find only a handful of R&B titles. Or to see that “Respect” got less airplay last week than “Dancing In The Moonlight.” Edison Media Research VP Sean Ross discusses why as “Oldies Becomes Classic Hits and Motown Goes MIA.”


The Official Radio Station Of Bad Times

For more than 20 years, two music formats – Country and Oldies – have been thought to perform well in bad economic and political times, while Top 40 has struggled. Edison Media Research VP Sean Ross asks if there’s a real cause-and-effect, or just a coincidence in timing. And he looks at how each format has the ability to speak to listeners in this time of uncertainty.


30 Under 30 Honorees Pick The Next Hot Format

What format is the next generation of decision makers waiting to hear on the radio? Edison Media Research asked our recently named “30 Under 30” honorees what format they can’t believe nobody has done, and for the largest number, the missing music is still the late ’80s/early ’90s old-school Hip-Hop that has gotten only limited traction at Urban AC and Hot AC thus far. See all their thoughts on missing formats, from all-request to a YouTube/MySpace new music format, to a chillout format in this week’s Ross On Radio.


Online Radio Listening At-Work Grows

Update from the Arbitron/Edison Media Research “Internet & Multimedia 2008 Study” The portion of American workers who are choosing to listen to radio via the Internet as opposed to through a traditional radio receiver grew dramatically from 2007 to 2008. According to data from the Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet & Multimedia series of studies, among […]


Closing In On a National New Music Channel

This week, Clear Channel launched its national Indie rock Website/HD-2 outlet Several weeks ago, CBS quietly launched Ampradio, a format targeting those listeners on the cusp of Radio Disney and Mainstream Top 40. So what would happen if you combined one channel’s body of music that is missing from the radio with the other’s appeal to disenfranchised younger listeners? Edison Media Research’s Sean Ross has some thoughts on the matter in this week’s Ross On Radio, “Closing In On A National New Music Channel.”