Oldies/Classic Hits: Time Keeps On Slippin’ Slippin’ . . . .

For many years, Oldies and Classic Rock radio’s strength was their relatively glacial change. Now Oldies has become “Classic Hits,” the age and era focus continues to shift, and Motley Crue on Classic Rock is more than
a lyric.
In this presentation, first unveiled June 26 at Conclave, Edison Media Research VP of Programming Sean Ross talks about how listeners’ radio histories make programming now a changing target, and what to make of a world where 38-year-old women like Flo Rida and 17 year olds like Classic Rock.

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  1. Jane
    Jane says:

    That’s true. You never really hear anybody refer to those stations as “oldies” anymore, it’s almost as if it’s taboo to say such a thing.
    I know EZ Rock (Toronto) is catering to a predominantly female audience (35-60) and they play some pretty good tunes but never refer to any “classics” as “oldies”. They do a good job at catering to this audience. Even their morning show is good, I find myself listening to it a lot now that they’ve changed it up.


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