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Music Testing - The Edison Way

More than a decade ago, Edison Research revolutionized the auditorium test by taking the auditorium out of the process. Instead of a hotel ballroom, we recruit listeners to research facilities to take the test at their own pace and on their own schedule. Edison’s method offers numerous advantages over conventional music testing:

Respondents take the process much more seriously

We guarantee the number of respondents

This is not an “in-home” method where people are distracted, unsupervised, or listening to a tiny telephone speaker

We can perform the tests at multiple locations within your market

There is no group dynamic—listeners tell you what they like, not what they think they should like

People can come according to their schedule – day, evening, or weekend

Respondents aren’t tempted to stop at the hotel bar before or during the test

There are never any traffic jams or weather related disasters

There are never any makeups or long delays

As with all Edison services, the Edison music test provides an extra level of customer service. Every station has their own project manager, throughout the length of the project and from test to test. Edison VP of music and programming Sean Ross is available to clients to help work on music list and supplemental questions before hand as well as to help analyze the data and provide a national perspective after the test.

Best of all, Edison music testing is more cost efficient—you may be surprised to find that music research can fit into your budget

For more information, contact Melissa DeCesare.