Moms and Media 2013: Media Multitaskers

For those of us who are moms, multi-tasking is a given on most days.  We juggle so many balls in the air that if we didn’t multi-task, things just wouldn’t get done.  While multi-tasking has been a characteristic of moms for generations, 2013 moms now attack it using modern media and a couple of their best tools:  smartphones and social networking.   This behavior is supported by the newly released report, Moms and Media 2013, which highlights how mom is using her smartphone, her overall social media habits and how she is consuming media simultaneously.

The report, which is drawn from the Edison Research/Arbitron Infinite Dial series, showcases how moms are using technology and consuming various forms of media.   Moms have specific needs that non-moms don’t and therefore use their devices in different ways.  The report notes strong mobile tendencies that continue to evolve as smartphones and tablets become even more integral for moms.  These devices allow for constant access to the Internet wherever moms are, and whatever they are doing.

According to Moms and Media 2013, smartphone ownership among moms continues to show growth.  64% of moms reported owning a smartphone, up from the 61% we saw in last year’s report.   Also noteworthy is the steady lead that moms maintain over the total respondents 12+, with 53% of that sample saying they own a smartphone.


A good match for a busy lifestyle, tablets are fitting in nicely with mobile moms, showing significant growth over the last year. About 3 in 10 moms now own some kind of tablet.


We see that moms favor mobility in their devices so they can take Internet and specifically Facebook with them throughout the day.  We see in this year’s data that cell phone has closed in on computer for how Facebook moms are accessing the site most.    Just as many moms (45%) said they access Facebook most via cell phone as did those who access it most via computer (46%).


This ever increasing, mobile nature of moms allows them to fluidly multi-task with their media, boosting their total consumption on a daily basis.  In ten years, mom’s time with media has grown to be more than one third of her entire day.


We now know that moms are multi-tasking with their media on the go, but Moms and Media 2013 also revealed that they are simultaneously consuming new and traditional media even at home.  The majority of moms with Internet access said they share at least some part of their television viewing time with Internet usage.  Without a doubt, smartphones and tablets are giving moms the means to do this, while social networking is giving them the reason.   With a remote in one hand and a smartphone in the other, moms don’t have to miss a thing.


Download the complete Moms and Media 2013 report here.

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    • Tom Webster
      Tom Webster says:

      Hi, Christine! The survey base is a nationally representative sample of American moms, ages 12+, and sampling was done via telephone interviews with both landline and mobile phone consumers.


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